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iQUETM / V-KOOL® is the world's only clear, spectrally-selective applied film which transmits more than 70% of daylight while rejecting 99% of ultra-violet and 94% of infra-red heat.
Spectrally-selective films have transparent, metallised coatings designed to transmit, reflect or absorb different wavelengths of the solar spectrum. In the case of iQUETM / V-KOOL®, it is designed specifically to be light transmitting while heat reflective.
iQUETM / V-KOOL® is the solution to architectural and automotive businesses in terms of comfort improvement and energy saving.

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Brand Identity

Southwall Technologies Inc. is a NASDAQ-listed company which invested US$18 million in perfecting the sputtering technology to produce iQUETM / V-KOOL®. The solar control window film were originally developed for the US Space and Military Program. Same technology has been used to deposit the radar evasive surface on Stealth Bomber. The technology is now being popularized for commercial use in order to improve the human comfort, heat control for window glass for both building and automobile.

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iQUETM / V-KOOL® is manufactured through multi-layered sputtering. These materials are deposited one layer at a time onto a super clear polyester substrate (only the top 1% of all polyester that are produced daily in the world can meet the specifications) at a rate of 2m/min per layer.
iQUETM / V-KOOL® retains its transparency in spite of the metal and adhesive coatings and does not interfere with visibility when applied to the windows. The coating blocks off infra-red heat and ultra-violet radiation without significantly reducing the visible light transmittance. The glass is made shatter resistant by the film forming a permanent bond.

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Winhop Projects

Winhop Projects (HK) Limited is a pioneer on energy conservation scheme. We specialize in iQUETM / V-KOOL® solar control window film can be easily retrofitted on glass to reflect the unwanted Infra-red heat radiation and damaging Ultra-violet without proportionally reducing daylight transmittance. Solar Heat Gain through glazing system by radiation can be minimized, and as a result, your electricity bill on cooling loads and artificial lighting can be reduced. The OTTV value of the building envelope can be reduced substantially by at least 30% after applying iQUETM / V-KOOL® films.

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Products and Services

Our scope of services includes design consultancy, energy saving audit, OTTV upgrading audit, supply and retrofit assembling and other customized services. Our products include:
iQue 73FG, iQue 78FG, iQue 43FG
VK75, VK70, VK40, J-Series, A-Series, H-Series, T-Series, K-Series, G-Series, External, Safety and Security Solar Control Window Film

V-KOOL® products apply to both architectural use and automotive use. Our services cover both Hong Kong and Macau.

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Architectural Use

Commercial and residential buildings in the tropics use 50 to 70 percent of their energy consumption for comfort cooling. A sizeable portion of the cooling demand is often due to heat gain through glazed areas (windows, skylights and atria). In many countries, Demand Side Management is being implemented to ensure that buildings incorporate energy efficient green technologies like window films.
iQUETM / V-KOOL’s® window films solve all window overheating problems. Depending on a window’s exposure to solar energy and requirements for transparency, iQUETM / V-KOOL® films can maximize heat rejection or visible light transmission. Even maximum heat rejection and high light transmission are available from iQUETM / V-KOOL® in a clear, colourless and non-reflective film.

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Automotive Use

When applied to the windows of your car, iQUETM / V-KOOL® forms a virtually transparent, protective barrier against the sun's heat. iQUETM / V-KOOL® films work by reflecting heat rather than absorbing heat. Heat absorbing films will cause intensive heat build-up in the car due to re-radiated heat and thermal stress onto the glass can result in glass breakage or cracks.
iQUETM / V-KOOL® coating helps to lower temperatures quickly at start up, allowing the passenger cabin to cool faster. You cruise in comfort, subjecting your air conditioner to less strain and improving fuel efficiency.

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Olympian City, VK70, 2016

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Kowloon Commerce Centre, VK70, 2011

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VK40, 2013

Admiralty Government Office, VK40, 2013

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Ngong Ping 360, L4-mil, 2018

Product Testing

iQUETM / V-KOOL® has been tested and complied to its specifications

Product Specifications

VK 70

VK70 provides a superior mix of high visible light transmission at 70%, as well as high reflection of infra-red at 94% and high rejection of ultra-violet at 99%. Already a well received solution for many architects and car owners around, VK70 epitomises the qualities of a true spectrally-selective coating.
Architectural projects commonly employing VK70’s glass enhancing qualities range from retail outlets, penthouses, atria, to air control towers. VK70 is the clear choice when it comes to projects with high visibility and heat rejection requirements.

Architectural Use Skylight Window Glass Automotive Use
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 73.2%
Infra-red Reflection 94.0%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.50
Emissivity 0.60
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 5.35


iQUETM 73FG is the best-selling product because of its superior combination of high visible light transmission with excellent heat rejection performance.
The core of iQUETM's spectrally-selective infra-red heat rejection performance is its XIR technology, a proprietary sputtering process developed in Silicon Valley, USA. 73FG allows one to enjoy the beauty of daylight at home or work with a superior reduction in heat and UV rays.

Architectural Use Skylight Window Glass Automotive Use
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 69%
Infra-red Reflection 78.0%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.50
Emissivity 0.54
U-Value (btu/hr.ft2.0F) 0.88

VK 75

Leading our range of spectrally-selective coatings in visible light transmittance is V-KOOL® 75. While looking deceptively clear, V-KOOL® 75 is a full-fledge, spectrally-selective coating with good solar heat rejection properties. The performance behind V-KOOL® 75 lies in its complex multi-layer thin coatings of metallic substances, such as silver. Although the total heat rejection is not high as V-KOOL® 70, the key advantage of V-KOOL® 75 is its high visible light transmission 77% which is higher than the requirement of Transport Department for Front Screen. Typical application for V-KOOL® 75 range from automobile, retail shopfronts, restaurants, art galleries to residential glass with very high visible light transmission requirements.

Automotive Use Skylight Window Glass
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 77%
Infra-red Reflection 77.14%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.63
Emissivity 0.56
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 5.45


iQUETM 78FG, under the iQUETM Spectrally Selective range, is engineered to offer the best daylight harvesting capabilities with the superior advantage of reducing damaging UV rays and reducing heat transmission.
78FG is manufactured by proprietary XIR technology that creates a precise stack of uniform metalised layers, allowing visible light wavelengths to pass through while reflecting infra-red heat.

Automotive Use Skylight Window Glass
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 78%
Infra-red Reflection 61%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.67
Emissivity 0.57
U-Value (btu/hr.ft2.0F) 0.89

VK 40

Industry-leading technological expertise has allowed the scientists who created V-KOOL® to configure visible light transmission and infra-red rejection attributes of the coating to suit different market needs. An impressive example can be seen in V-KOOL® 40. While V-KOOL® 75 and 70 were engineered for applications where visible light transmission requirement is high, V-KOOL® 40 is darker in appearance to V-KOOL® 75 and 70. For applications requiring lesser visibility and maximum solar control, V-KOOL® 40 fits the bill by offering a staggering 98.3% rejection of infra-red radiation from the sun. Again, spectral-selectivity means that while V-KOOL® 40 almost completely eliminates infra-red radiation from penetrating your windows, it still allows 40% of visible light to pass through.

Architectural Use Skylight Window Glass
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 42.8%
Infra-red Reflection 98.3%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.42
Emissivity 0.55
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 5.35


By fusing exceptional heat rejection performance with a darker shade to tint, iQUE 43FG is the right film choice for the owner who desires high glare control with excellent solar control performance.
Each iQUE Spectrally Selective film is manufactured by proprietary XIR technology that creates a precise stack of uniform metalised layers, allowing certain wavelengths to pass through while reflecting others. 43FG is designed to provide a stylish solution of comfort with privacy protection.

Architectural Use Skylight Window Glass
Product Highlights
Visible Light Transmission 44%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.41
Emissivity 0.85
U-Value (btu/hr.ft2.0F) 1.05

Conventional Series by V-KOOL®
iQUE 68P / Goldust Applications

iQUE 68P / Goldust was created to offer customers a choice of having a moderately spectrally-selective film at a cost-effective price. While it's heat rejection performance is not as impressive as a full-fledge spectrally-selective film like V-KOOL®, iQUE 68P / Goldust still offers an edge over conventional film in it's ability to reject more infra-red and ultra-violet radiation for a similar amount of visible light transmission. Coupled with a light gold sheen, iQUE 68P / Goldust has an added aesthetic dimension that offers heat control with a visible touch of class.
iQUE 68P / Goldust is usually applied on residential and commercial buildings, with a requirement for solar control as well as moderate visibility. In some countries, iQUE 68P / Goldust can be applied to vehicles such as to the rear side windows ad rear windshields.

Architectural Use Skylight Window Glass
Typical Optical Performance
Visible Light Transmission 64.4%
Visible Light Reflectance 14.2%
Infra-red Reflection 64.2%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.62
Total Solar Transmission 45.9
Total Solar Reflectance 21.7
Total Solar Absorption 32.4
Total Solar Energy Rejection 46.24%
Emissivity 0.57
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 5.52

Conventional Series by V-KOOL®
L-Series Applications

V-KOOL® Conventional L-Series Safety & Security Film is a unique product where increasing production of float glass each year, it is evident that glass continues to be an integral part of contemporary architecture. As glass usage in buildings increase, and due to the inherent vulnerability of glass as material, the need for a solution toward accidental and deliberate threats to safety and security becomes more pressing.
Typical applications of V-KOOL® Conventional L-Series Safety & Security Film are retail shopfronts, skylights, galleries, museums, banks, military, transportation installations and other high-risk facilities or structures. V-KOOL® Conventional L-Series Safety & Security Film complies with ANSI Z97-1 Unlimited (Section 5.1) when applied to nominal annealed or tempered glass.

Architectural Use Automotive Use Skylight Window Glass
Typical Optical Performance
Item L4-mil L8-mil
Visible Light Transmission 85.0% 81.0%
Visible Light Reflectance 13.0% 12.0%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0% 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.96 0.92
Total Solar Transmission 78% 76%
Total Solar Reflectance 4% 11%
Total Solar Absorption 18% 13%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 17.0% 20.0%
Emissivity 0.88 0.80

Conventional Series by V-KOOL®
T-Series Applications

This range of films is made from robust Titanium and provides a value for money solution for varying levels of solar heat control requirements. As a metalised film, atoms of Titanium are deposited onto the film creating an effective solar heat reflective surface. The T-Series comes in a family of varying densities of Titanium. Customers can choose between lightly coated Titanium films to denser, more reflective layers depending on their individual needs.
Due to their reflective nature, T-Series films are usually applied onto architectural glass.

Automotive Use Architectural Use
Typical Optical Performance
Item T50 T35 T25
Visible Light Transmission 49.0% 33.0% 23.0%
Visible Light Reflectance 15.0% 21.0% 30.0%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0% 99.0% 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.64 0.50 0.41
Total Solar Transmission 42% 28% 19%
Total Solar Reflectance 12.0% 18.0% 25.0%
Total Solar Absorption 46.0% 54.0% 57.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 44.0% 57.0% 64.0%
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 6.42 6.48 6.36
Glare Reduction 44% 63% 74%
Emissivity 0.88 0.87 0.83

Conventional Series by V-KOOL®
K-Series Applications

The K-Series window films are 100% metalised films. They are cost-effective, heat effective film but engineered to have a muted non-reflective appearance. Using proprietary technology, this series of films allows customers a range of different levels of glare and heat control, characterized by its low levels of visible reflectivity. A film with this low visible-reflectively is suited for use in buildings looking for adequate glare control as well as buildings with requirements for solar control of a metalised window film without the visible reflectivity.
The K-series is especially suited for vehicle applications to achieve privacy without the reflectivity.

Automotive Use Architectural Use
Typical Optical Performance
Item K14 K28 K37 K52
Visible Light Transmission 14.0% 28.0% 37.0% 52.0%
Visible Light Reflectance 17.0% 11.0% 9.0% 8.0%
Ultra-violet Rejection 99.0% 99.0% 99.0% 99.0%
Shading Coefficient 0.43 0.56 0.62 0.72
Total Solar Transmission 17.0% 31.0% 37.0% 50.0%
Total Solar Reflectance 13.0% 8.0% 8.0% 6.0%
Total Solar Absorption 70.0% 61.0% 55.0% 44.0%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 63.0% 52.0% 47.0% 38.0%
U-Value (W/M2 0C) 6.59 6.59 6.53 6.43
Emissivity 0.92 0.94 0.94 0.94

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